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NEW KS3 Curriculum 2008/9Resources for the NEW KS3 Curriculum 2008/9
5 48
KS3 ScienceKS3 Science
1 35
KS4 Science (Year 11)KS4 Science Resources for Year 11 (2007/8)
2 102
ISA Preparation and ResourcesResources for ISA Preparation
1 16
MindmapsMindmaps for KS3 and KS4
4 13
Shared Golden LessonsGolden Lesson Plans: By science teachers for science teachers....
8 34
A-Level PhysicsSupport for Teachers and Students of A-level Physics
1 6
Triple ScienceSupport for teachers embarking on the teaching of Triple Science
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AS BiologyResources for students and teachers of AS Biology
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Posters, in colour, for your science laboratory.

82 files, last one added on Oct 10, 2004
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KS4 Revision


Revision Booklets and other resources for KS4 Science

20 files, last one added on Jun 22, 2010
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Levelness Posters

Pressure and moments.doc

Posters to guide teachers and students to levels of achievement within KS3

30 files, last one added on Oct 06, 2005
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Science and Literacy


Quotations, Examination Howlers, and Science Jokes. Suitable for displaying in the classroom or laboratory.

35 files, last one added on Oct 22, 2004
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A range of Powerpoint (ppt) presentations, from KS3 to A-level. These have been produced by teachers and students at North Chadderton School.

16 files, last one added on Dec 15, 2008
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KS3 Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented Projects for Year 7 Science Students.doc

Gifted and Talented Projects for Years 7 to 9

3 files, last one added on Feb 10, 2005
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KS4 Gifted and Talented


Gifted and Talented Projects for Key Stage 4 Students

7 files, last one added on Sep 02, 2007
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KS4 Science A (Year 10)


Schemes of work for AQA Science A. Developed by North Chadderton School

40 files, last one added on Jun 30, 2009
Album viewed 1699 times

21st Century Science


17 files, last one added on Jan 27, 2006
Album viewed 213 times

KS3 to KS4 Transition


Resources for transition from KS3 to KS4

6 files, last one added on Apr 27, 2009
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Level Ladders KS3 (AfL)

cells and reproduction level ladders.doc

5 files, last one added on Sep 07, 2006
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Question Sheets for DVDs


1 files, last one added on Mar 06, 2009
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A2 Biology

0 files
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Random files - Science
12.3 How much?962 viewsUnit C2 Six lessons : How Much?
Zip File
13.1 How can we describe the way things move? Lesson 2 Resources541 viewsHow can we describe the way things move?
Lesson 2 Resources
11.22680 viewsWhat can we do to keep our bodies healthy?
Which ball can bounce highest ?307 viewsWhich ball can bounce higher, basketball or volleyball?
Finding the KE and Acceleration of a free falling body275 viewsNotes on determination of finalKE and acceleration of a freely falling body.
Assumes air resistance is negligible
AS Physics Handbook297 viewsAS Physics Handbook (Word Document)
Changes of state, expansion and contraction333 viewsChanges of state, expansion and contraction

Last additions - Science
Oil Spills246 viewsHow do we clean up an oil spill? InvestigationMar 03, 2012
Revision Questions/Test for Rocks571 viewsrocks revision ks3Sep 28, 2011
Version 2 Physics Handbook440 viewsVersion 2 Physics HandbookAug 26, 2011
Version 2 Physics Handbook350 viewsVersion 2 Physics HandbookAug 26, 2011
Year 8 Tracking Sheet336 viewsYear 8 Tracking SheetAug 26, 2011
Year 7 Tracking Sheet305 viewsYear 7 Tracking SheetAug 26, 2011
Plenary Placemat322 viewsPlenary PlacematAug 26, 2011
How should I mark books?311 viewsHow should I mark books?Aug 26, 2011