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AS Maths: Quadratic Equations (2)

This Flipbook concentrates on solving quadratic equations by using graphical methods. You can download the presentation by clicking on the down arrow…. Here is the direct link….


AS Maths: Quadratic Equations

Here is the direct link ….

This is the latest Flipbook to be published….

IGCSE/GCSE Biology Questions (Quiz) : Human Nutrition

Here is the latest set of questions for IGCSE/GCSE Biology on the topic of Human Nutrition

You can access the quiz from here

There is also a SCORM 1.2 package available for  downloading from here

IGCSE/GCSE Physics Questions (Quiz): Electromagnetic Waves

The latest set of revision questions for IGCSE/GCSE Physics is now available . The topic is Electromagnetic Waves.

The link to the set of quiz questions is here

You can also download the SCORM 1.2 package from here

IGCSE/GCSE Physics Revision Questions (Quiz) : Measurements

Here is the latest set of revision questions for IGCSE/GCSE Physics :  Measurements